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Nehemiah Project

Letters from the President - Nehemiah Project Appeal

January 15, 2009 at 2:09 PM

The Prophet Nehemiah supervised the rebuilding of the tumbledown walls of Jerusalem 2500 years ago. With the economy in ruins and predatory opportunists around every corner, he instructed his crew to tackle the task with a spear in one hand and a trowel in the other. And so they proceeded, until God's own city and the Temple of the Lord were restored. Faithful families moved in and forged a future.

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and the Atlantic District have been committed to the process of rebuilding walls and restoring the promise of family future for a quarter of a century in East Brooklyn, New York. With full ecumenical, civic and corporate participation spearheaded by early Lutheran financial commitment, 3500 single family homes have blossomed into restored neighborhoods in zones once deemed uninhabitable. These houses are called Nehemiah Homes.

The Atlantic District has stepped up its commitment by providing financial resources to bring the cost of the latest phase of 1625 Nehemiah homes near Gateway Plaza at the southern end of East New York, Brooklyn. Your gift to the Atlantic District Mission Society helps to cover the costs of that financial obligation.

How is this a mission project? Ask Sonia Holder, President of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in East New York. She lives in a Nehemiah home, and has brought her friends and neighbors from the restored neighborhood to become part of the family of faith at her congregation. Ask Frank and Minnie Barnes of the Lutheran Church of the Risen Christ. Frank is a deacon, and Minnie is the President at Risen Christ. They also live in a Nehemiah home. And they have brought family members and neighbors from the their restored Brownsville neighborhood in the door at Risen Christ.

Leadership development through neighborhood development – what a concept! Mission outreach by building homes for new families to make a new neighborhood – what a concept! The Atlantic District treasures this mission opportunity. Through your gift to the Mission Society the Gospel will accompany the spear and trowel into the communities of Brooklyn and souls will be saved.

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